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Continuing the journey with a father/son ministry

You’ve started a group for fathers and sons. Now what?
  Kent Evans

Change is inevitable; obedience is not

Are you willing to let God orchestrate when and where you experience change or blaze a new path?
  Jim Brangenberg

Change requires commitment

If you want to make changes to your church, you need to ask yourself this question.
  Rick Warren

Courage: The prerequisite to better solutions

Here are two more areas where leaders must demonstrate courage.
  Richard Blackaby

Great staff meetings require these 7 rules

Often team dynamics derail productive meetings simply because someone misspoke or misheard.
  Charles Stone

How to communicate like Jesus

Words have power.
  Ken Gosnell

Leading with limited time

Our time on Earth is short. How do you lead in light of eternity?
  Rob Streetman

5 vital tips for church leaders to engage dads

Here is more advice for helping church leaders engage dads.
  Kent Evans

Devotional: Where can you find wisdom?

In the midst of the noise competing for your heart’s attention, God calls out to you with his wisdom.
  James Bruyn

Here is 1 thing to avoid in leadership

A moment at a ministry conference reminded me the importance of this.
  David Bowman

4 principles of great staff feedback

The leader who doesn’t deliver reviews and critiques with sensitivity and skill could hurt the team.
  Bud Brown

Why do so many ministers drop out of ministry?

Here are some reasons for a high attrition rate.
  Bob Russell

Are you a busy leader?

Take a look at your leadership by evaluating your roles.
  Caroline Mendez

Stop running alone

Why would a CEO need other people?
  Greg Leith

Talent: Is it essential?

A key aspect of effective leadership is finding the right people for your team.
  Mark Deterding

How to facilitate a father/son gathering in your church

Here is the second of 4 survival tips for helping church leaders engage dads.
  Kent Evans

7 distinguishing habits of highly effective pastors

Determining the effectiveness of a pastor is a highly subjective exercise.
  Thom Rainer

Courage: The prerequisite to confrontation

Here are two areas where leaders must demonstrate courage.
  Richard Blackaby

Beware of overproducing

Protect yourself from burnout with this simple concept.
  Wayne Cordeiro

Devotional: How to speak wise words

Your words have the power of life and death, so choose to speak life into every conversation.
  James Bruyn

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O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water.
Psalm 63:1 (ESV)
Joseph Lalonde

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