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Creating peak moments

What can you do to break the script for the people you lead?
  Mike Bonem

Difficult questions leaders need to ask

Have you considered that God knows our hearts?
  Rob Streetman

Why Christian leaders should never doubt their authority

Learn from the greatest leader how He empowered His team.
  Ken Gosnell

How to fear less as a leader

As a leader, fear hinders your engagement of God’s mission for your ministry and your church.
  Rick Warren

Book review: Digital Minimalism

Author Cal Newport reminds leader to not let technology make the rules.
  Ben Marshall

Handling those tough moments of leadership

Here are some Truths to remember when you feel overworked and overwhelmed.
  David Bowman

At what age should a pastor retire?

Here are ten diagnostic questions to consider.
  Thom Rainer

How leaders build integrity

Leaders who truly want to honor God and effectively lead must lead with integrity.
  Charles Stone

7 ways to be missional this Thanksgiving

What does your priority list look like for this grateful celebration?
  Kris Eldridge

3 things God wants for you as you pray

Here’s how you can be confident in prayer.
  Langdon Montgomery

Choosing a different mind-set

We are settling for far less than we have been offered.
  Rob Streetman

One prayer God always loves to answer

There is one request that would never upset him.
  Brandon Cox

5 things every leader should do now to prepare for transition

When it comes to leaving your job, are you ready?
  Bob Whitesel

The essentials of communication

Here are the questions to consider about leadership communication.
  Ben Marshall

Are you holding back your church?

As a church grows, the pastor’s role must grow, too.
  Rick Warren

Resting at a high rate of speed

What does abiding in Christ look like in the leadership world?
  Mike Sharrow

Elevate your leadership through followership

What does it look like to engage your team and be a leader they desire to follow?
  Allen Hamlin Jr.

Discover wisdom and discernment for your business

When was the last time you found business answers in the Bible?
  Caroline Mendez

Great leaders ask great questions

What do you have to lose?
  Richard Blackaby

3 sentences pastors hate to hear

The most common moment pastors hear one of these three sentences is right before or right after they preach.
  Thom Rainer

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O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water.
Psalm 63:1 (ESV)
Joseph Lalonde

Joseph Lalonde is an award-winning leadership blogger and hosted the Answers From Leadership podcast. He desires …

Tom Harper

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