How to be firm without being a jerk

It’s such a frequent issue. The employee who tries to push your boundaries.

How to rise above conflict

Use these tools to manage your response to adversity.

Who's the standard here?

These leaders value certain ways of being and expect that the rest of the world should too.

5 steps to conflict resolution

Conflict is unavoidable. Here are five ways to positively handle these situations.

3 keys to conflict resolution and healthy teamwork

How can leaders navigate the waves of turmoil to bring calm?

Why every leader should look for conflict

Here are four principles that will dramatically reduce conflict and increase efficiency.

5 things church leaders are doing right

Church leaders are often criticized, but here are some positives from their influence and impact.

Practicing gentleness in an age of hostility

How will this fruit of the Spirit change your leadership?

How to use discipleship as an antidote

Criticism and complaining can be an event or a lifestyle. Here is an antidote to consider.

Understanding my narcissistic boss

If you have come to the conclusion that your boss is selfish, mean-spirited, lacking in basic social graces, and only interested in his own success, you are definitely not alone.

What leaders can learn from the Parable of the Talents

I want to take a look at this piece of scripture in a different light. One that leaders can learn how to lead better.

Why pain precedes change

Here are reasons great pain often precedes restoration.

Are you stretched beyond your preferences?

Where does the Bible say to select a church based on your preferences, asks Derwin Gray, former NFL player and founding pastor of Transformation Church.

Embracing conflict

Do you treat “conflict” as a bad word?

Take a stand at church (and keep your job!)

Leadership means you have to say things that not everyone is ready to hear.

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