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7 tips for introducing new ideas

Most attempts to introduce a new idea will not start the church on a new life-cycle, but rather split it into two smaller groups of which neither will survive.

Book review: The Power of Proximity

Awareness isn’t enough—become proximate.

How to create an inviting small group

Consider these 10 tips on how to improve your groups.

How to conduct a strong interview

You created the perfect job description, and now it's time to begin the interview process.

Check your motivation

Motivation is a big deal in the kingdom of God.

How to focus and simplify your workload

If you're anything like me, you get more requests to do things than you can possibly honor.

The need for BiblicalLeadership.com

This site answers one of the greatest organizational needs in the church and the marketplace.

How to create a thriving team

Yes, with coaching, your team can likely accomplish significant goals you never imagined possible.

Why churches need blue-ocean strategies

Being strategic has to do with your audience. What is your strategy and who does it involve?

5 reasons for making disciples

Have you considered why you should make disciples?

Book review: Pastor Unique

This book, Pastor Unique: Becoming a Turnaround Leader, is a roadmap for real change.

Welcome to Biblical Leadership!

This new "megablog" site is for Christian leaders who want to learn and apply biblical principles.

7 costs to being an evangelistic leader

Why has the topic of evangelism grown strangely quiet?

The church’s climate change

Feeling the pressure to stay relevant as a church leader?

Is your dream dead? Resurrection may be in store

Do you have a dream that's losing traction? Seeking God's perspective on it can offer a renewed plan for the future.

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