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Choosing the heavenly perspective

Let us be encouraged that God has put a desire in our hearts for everything He desires of us.
  Rob Streetman

4 attitudes to choose today

Here are some alternatives to your current perspective.
  Brandon Cox

Why training leaders is biblical

Looking beyond short-term missions, it’s easy to see how training indigenous leaders fulfills a biblical mandate that has long-term impact.
  Richard Frazer

4 things to look for in your church’s culture

A church’s unique rituals reveal its culture.
  Bud Brown

Striving for excellence

A conversation between myself and radio host Tom Crea of “Your Evolving Leadership Journey” from VoiceAmerica Radio Network Business Channel.
  Ken Gosnell

The principle of the leadership lid

Every leader should consider this principle whether the responsibility is over a few or thousands.
  Thom Rainer

Rethinking planning strategies

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, SWOT analysis, is a common leadership tool that may need to be revisited.
  Scott Couchenour

Reasons we shouldn’t reject leadership culture

Leadership is an important issue that’s often overlooked.
  Ed Stetzer

The hidden dangers of community outreach events

How effective are these?
  Kris Eldridge

Is your business a “for-profit ministry”?

Here’s a unique way to think about your business.
  Caroline Mendez

A plan beats an idea every time

What’s your mission statement?
  Ben Marshall

Why did Jesus ask so many questions?

Whether you are a follower of Jesus or not, we would all do well to study the “communication practices” of the one many believe to be the greatest communicator in all of history.
  Bob Tiede

Aim to contribute

This motto surfaces itself regularly in my life, both in leadership and followership.
  Allen Hamlin Jr.

7 church leadership trends for the 2020s

These seven trends will have the most impact in the next decade.
  Bob Whitesel

Roller coaster of change

It’s important to shed plenty of light on planned changes. Here are three ways to do so.
  Mike Bonem

The importance of awareness

It is easy for a leader to miss out on crucial opportunities to enhance the business because they are not paying attention to the signs of the times.
  Ken Gosnell

The unquestionable power of clarity in leadership

When you’re surrounded by a cloud of questions, how do you clear the air so you can lead without distraction and doubt?
  Tom Harper

5 tips for a personal planning retreat

As a busy pastor, I carve out regular extended times away—by myself and away from the office.
  Charles Stone

Why plan your next 10 years

Is it a myth that the new year is a good time to start fresh… and start planning?
  Matt Perman

A reluctant but effective leader

See how God used this leader in the midst of a daunting challenge.
  Bob Russell

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O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water.
Psalm 63:1 (ESV)
Joseph Lalonde

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