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How to lead with confident humility

God will bring people and experiences into your life that will keep you humble.

3 challenges to the traditional search committee

Re-thinking pastoral succession is not going to be easy.

Are your goals harmful to your health?

Focusing on these health areas in the right order makes a difference.

Why I'm thankful for my anxiety disorder

Could something distressing actually make life better?

How to create an inviting small group

Consider these 10 tips on how to improve your groups.

How to conduct a strong interview

You created the perfect job description, and now it's time to begin the interview process.

Are you a grateful leader?

The tone set by a leader is contagious.

10 tough pieces of advice you'll want to consider

The last thing pastors need is someone to offer them advice.

5 leadership lessons I learned from my dogs

When I reflect on my relationship with my dogs, here are five things I learned from them.

How do you converse on social media?

Conversing via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter isn’t easy when there is an onslaught of opinions and perspectives.

Check your motivation

Motivation is a big deal in the kingdom of God.

“Pastor” is a leadership title

It isn’t the pastor's whole of responsibility, but it is a mission critical component for any church that wants to revitalize and return to the place of effective evangelistic ministry in its community.

What types of stories does God write?

Do the stories God writes always have a purpose?

5 reasons for making disciples

Have you considered why you should make disciples?

Welcome to Biblical Leadership!

This new "megablog" site is for Christian leaders who want to learn and apply biblical principles.

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