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Who's the standard here?

These leaders value certain ways of being and expect that the rest of the world should too.

Living from your core

What are your core values? How do you uniquely inspire others toward greater leadership?

3 keys to conflict resolution and healthy teamwork

How can leaders navigate the waves of turmoil to bring calm?

What about a preacher who is plagiarizing sermons?

At what point does a preacher’s use of other preachers’ sermons become plagiarism?

Actually, God calls the qualified

Maybe we should think differently about those in leadership.

What does grace sound like?

Hear what grace sounds like, and discover as Trevor DeVage, Lead Pastor at Christ's Church (Mason, Ohio), shares how this could change your leadership.

How to effectively navigate difficult decisions

Try using this decision matrix when the answer is still not obvious.

One ingredient that makes all the others work

There is one particular ingredient in leadership that is essential, and without it, the “whole batch” might be ruined.

Baby boomers are returning to church

The rebellious generation may become the religious generation.

Spiritual lessons from a dramatic rescue

People all over the world were captivated by the plight of a dozen boys and their soccer coach who were trapped in a cave in Thailand for 18 days.

How to use this communication style to increase results

Jesus had a specific way he communicated. This method evoked the deepest change in the people he met.

3 reasons why I should work hard today

While I have never been accused of working smart, I would hate to be guilty of not working hard.

7 practices for becoming an inspirational leader

The quality that separates a leader is the ability to inspire a shared sense of vision.

4 necessary mindsets for developing transformational leadership

I am convinced that gifted and well-equipped leadership is absolutely essential for every church.

How to be a lifelong learner

The sage who wrote Proverbs tells us that if we teach people who are already wise, they will be wiser still.

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