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Comparing 3 different leaders

Are you more relational, tactical or strategic in your leadership?
  Bob Whitesel

Effective leadership takes constant vigilance

No matter how significant the accomplishment, leaders always face a temptation to let up because we’re exhausted and eager to rest.
  Bob Russell

What’s priority?

Leadership often makes “the urgent” feel like a never-ending, roaring river. How do you navigate what gets your attention first?
  Mike Bonem

7 signs of a godly leader

This checklist describes a leader after God’s own heart.
  James Bruyn

The power of blessing

Leaders have enormous power at their disposal.
  Richard Blackaby

8 indispensable qualities every leader needs

Here’s a scripture passage that describes a righteous leader.
  Charles Stone

Lead us not into temptation at work

Whether we’re aware of it or not, temptation is all around us even at work.
  Caroline Mendez

The greatest test for any biblical leader

Here’s the test that surpasses all others.
  Brandon Cox

The biggest demographic churches are missing

These statistics may have you rethinking your typical weekend routine.
  Thom Rainer

Understanding the importance of silence and solitude

Taking time to be quiet before the Lord may be a key way God equips you to tackle all that confronts you this week.
  Rob Streetman

Creating a motivating work environment for Millennials

Here are four ways to motivate Millennials.
  Joseph Lalonde

Why every leader needs a friend like this

Do you have a “Barnabas friend”?
  Bob Whitesel

Meet with a purpose

How often have you thought, Why are we having this meeting?
  Mike Bonem

How being bi-vocational engages better disciple-making

Here are two ways this can happen.
  Matthew Fretwell

Understanding how depression impacts church leaders

I want to give a voice to those in ministry who deal with depression because they often feel they have to suffer in silence.
  Phillip Foster

3 ways to encourage your team toward servant leadership

Do you believe people can fundamentally change?
  Mark Deterding

How to avoid anxiety while dealing with criticism

Could criticism be evidence of effective leadership?
  Bud Brown

10 ways a leader can follow Jesus

How does a leader live as a Christ-follower?
  James Bruyn

When your identity is wrapped up in your ministry

My identity has too often been tied to the successes or failures of the ministries that I lead—and too frequently in unhealthy ways.
  Ed Stetzer

Discovering your mission for life

What has God called you to do, to be, to strive for?
  Tom Harper

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O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water.
Psalm 63:1 (ESV)
Joseph Lalonde

Joseph Lalonde is an award-winning leadership blogger and hosted the Answers From Leadership podcast. He desires …

Tom Harper

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