7 elementary questions that help you make graduate-level change

Sometimes, the solution to facilitating change is found in these simple questions.

5 church developments on the horizon

Yes, the times they are a-changing. And these five developments are among the most dramatic.

3 must-haves when dreaming big

Don’t forget these when you find yourself doing something great.

Are you stretched beyond your preferences?

Where does the Bible say to select a church based on your preferences, asks Derwin Gray, former NFL player and founding pastor of Transformation Church.

5 types of people God will use to break the rules

God is a God of order. He’s also a God who likes to break the rules, especially with leaders.

2 reasons pastors resist change

Here is why innovation is difficult for most pastors.

This is why you shouldn’t micromanage

If God made your people creative, why are you still deciding everything?

Take a stand at church (and keep your job!)

Leadership means you have to say things that not everyone is ready to hear.

5 facts about leadership capital

At times, as a transitional pastor, I am granted a surprising amount of leadership capital with which to lead churches through healing, change and reconciliation.

Living with a bias toward action

Passivity is epidemic among us.

The question that sparks effective change

How many times have you heard, “We’ve always done it this way”?

4 steps for helping people weather life’s storms

Here are steps to building a strong foundation for leadership and life.

Adding creativity to your work culture

Here are four suggestions to release the energy of passionate, creative leaders, regardless of their age.

23 quotes to shape your leadership

These leaders will encourage you and inspire your growth.

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