How to effectively navigate difficult decisions

Try using this decision matrix when the answer is still not obvious.

Baby boomers are returning to church

The rebellious generation may become the religious generation.

This opportunity doesn't add up

Sometimes the next step doesn’t make sense, yet Tim Liston, Senior Pastor of New Hope Church (Houston) shares how one church's uncertain decision made a huge impact.

Your church needs a strategic vision

If you have a plan without a vision, you are just doing busy work. If you have a vision without a plan, you just have a fantasy.

Understanding change

If change is constant, then why are we struggling to adjust?

4 ways this extraordinary leader built his network

Consider these places Jesus focused on when finding new prospects.

5 reasons pastors need to be assertive

Pastors of plateaued and declining church should take note of these “whys” behind assertiveness.

What is “Wild Church” and where is it going?

A look inside more organic churches.

5 observations about the turn inward

It is often the turn inward which sends churches on a one-way journey to obscurity. Here are five observations about this tragic mistake.

What I must change

This list is neither complete nor exhaustive. God is still working on me.

How changing attitudes can increase evangelism

When push comes to shove, the church leadership will tell you, “I want the church to change how they behave in the matter of…”

Discover hidden opportunities

Life happens and what you see depends on your perspective.

Why pain precedes change

Here are reasons great pain often precedes restoration.

7 elementary questions that help you make graduate-level change

Sometimes, the solution to facilitating change is found in these simple questions.

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