How do you converse on social media?

Conversing via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter isn’t easy when there is an onslaught of opinions and perspectives.

Welcome to Biblical Leadership!

This new "megablog" site is for Christian leaders who want to learn and apply biblical principles.

Self-published books need a professional edit

Consulting with professional advice first, could save you time and money.

4 steps to avoid becoming a slave to your technology

I can spend an entire day being completely unproductive while working with productivity tools. Do you see the problem? Can you relate?

Calling Steve Jobs: “I can’t figure out this smartphone”

You have to admit that the smartphone you carry everywhere affects mind and body as well as moral and ethical considerations of us all.

Only serious writers will withstand technological challenges

How is technology changing the way you write and communicate?

10 Commandments for pastors regarding politics and social media

Something to consider before posting their political views or opinions on social media.

Solve church communication problems in 30 minutes a week

If you could help your church and your pastor achieve a major breakthrough, would you?

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