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3 negatives required for positive communication

A good communicator will concentrate on enabling ministry and not discouraging it in a negative fashion.
  Mark MacDonald

Why did Jesus ask so many questions?

Whether you are a follower of Jesus or not, we would all do well to study the “communication practices” of the one many believe to be the greatest communicator in all of history.
  Bob Tiede

4 requirements for effectively reaching people

Are you trying to reach everyone? Instead, aim at a smaller defined persona group.
  Mark MacDonald

Book review: Digital Minimalism

Author Cal Newport reminds leader to not let technology make the rules.
  Ben Marshall

The essentials of communication

Here are the questions to consider about leadership communication.
  Ben Marshall

Communication tip: Turn boring into interesting

Here are three things we must understand.
  Mark MacDonald

Have you overlooked this key to communication?

The next time you’re in a conversation, try one or two of these ideas and see what happens.
  Charles Stone

How to communicate like Jesus

Words have power.
  Ken Gosnell

Here is 1 thing to avoid in leadership

A moment at a ministry conference reminded me the importance of this.
  David Bowman

3 ways to offer positive, focused attention

The best conversations include these.
  David Bowman

4 power steps to engaging your community

Here are four ways to begin meaningful conversation.
  Mark MacDonald

11 lousy listening habits leaders must avoid

Leaders who listen well, lead well.
  Charles Stone

4 bad habits of Christians in the workplace

I’ve been thinking lately about the bad habits we Christians tend to fall into at work. No. 2 on my list is the inability to say no.
  Tom Harper

Leader, are you correctly using social media?

Remember, most people view social media when they’re bored.
  Mark MacDonald

4 things that dilute your mission

Sometimes in our effort to make it “just right,” we overdo it.
  Mark Lenz

Next time you're criticized, try this

Facing criticism? Based on the story of Gideon in the book of Judges, this tactic can help you convert critics into allies.
  Tom Harper

3 things you could do from the stage

​​​​​​​As a pastor, here are tips on being relevant and helping your congregation understand, enjoy and engage with your church brand.
  Mark MacDonald

Consider the unintended messages

What are your primary messengers saying?
  Mike Bonem

Creating an effective church communication system

Here’s what is needed for communication on a church team.
  Mark MacDonald

5 reasons people come back to your church

Why would someone come back after Easter?
  Rick Warren

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O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water.
Psalm 63:1 (ESV)
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