7 elementary questions that help you make graduate-level change

Sometimes, the solution to facilitating change is found in these simple questions.

How to find partnerships for community outreach ministry

Who is doing great ministry in your community and how can you join them?

Profile: Jim Barber, president of the Society for Church Consulting

Jim Barber’s confidence in God has sustained him through leadership roles both in the marketplace and in ministry.

5 church developments on the horizon

Yes, the times they are a-changing. And these five developments are among the most dramatic.

Are you stretched beyond your preferences?

Where does the Bible say to select a church based on your preferences, asks Derwin Gray, former NFL player and founding pastor of Transformation Church.

Take a stand at church (and keep your job!)

Leadership means you have to say things that not everyone is ready to hear.

5 facts about leadership capital

At times, as a transitional pastor, I am granted a surprising amount of leadership capital with which to lead churches through healing, change and reconciliation.

What is essential for true leadership?

There are many ideas about how to lead. However, this is the primary one.

6 common problems with church bylaws

Some churches use bylaws well beyond their original intent.

The struggle of shepherding a team

There is a lot to learn about caring for lambs on a farm, but this technique taught me more about shepherding a team.

Modifying the church’s methods

Sometimes you have to stop doing good things to do the best things.

10 tips for dealing with change

In today’s climate, we’re all figuring how to lead through change, especially at church.

Warning signs no leader should ignore

Here are four warning signs every leader should address when they see them.

How do you respond when you're hated?

What happens when those in your circle of influence hate what you represent? Craig Groeschel, Founding and Senior Pastor of Life.Church shares how he responded to someone who hated pastors.

Is your church measuring up?

There are at least two reasons the Western church is struggling.

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