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Top 5 challenges facing Christian leaders

| by Ryan Sanders

When (BL) launched in late 2017, the goal was to offer free tips, ideas and encouragement to help leaders follow God’s ancient wisdom. So naturally, the site delivered articles, videos and resources that would help Christian leaders reach their personal goals for leadership development.

Then, BL sent out a simple survey to help understand its audience and 352 leaders replied with enlightening responses, especially when asked for one key piece of information:

Describe the top leadership skill or trait you’d like to personally develop over the next 12 months.

We took all of the responses and ranked the most popular areas of desired improvement. Then, we combed through our hundreds of articles, books and other resources for tips on solving these issues. Our newest eBook is a how-to manual for helping navigate challenges that Christian leaders face.

Who are the leaders we surveyed?

Respondents fit in the following segments: 

1) Church/Ministry; 

2) Marketplace and 

3) Non-profit/NGO. 

You can see from the following graphic how all the respondents were further segmented by market into education, government, healthcare and military.

We also asked: What is your job function? 

The top three responses were:

1) Pastor/Church Leader; 

2) Executive/Management 

3) Consultant. 

You can see all of the segments in the graph below.

We surveyed leaders about their thoughts on the role of the Bible in leadership:

Then, we asked leaders to describe the top leadership skill or trait they’d like to personally develop over the next 12 months. We also asked them to tell us a story of how God’s Word has significantly impacted their leadership.

What we ended up with was a list of the five most-pressing challenges Christian leaders deal with daily. Our next task was to search through our database of content for solutions to these issues. The full report summarizes our findings and includes personal stories from respondents about how they dealt with these issues.

Without further delay, here are the top five challenges facing Christian leaders:

#1 Leadership Development and Discipleship

#2 Vision, Mission, Strategy & Culture

#3 Servant Leadership

#4 Meetings & Team Building

#5 Communication, Conflict & Criticism

That’s all the information I’m giving you for now! I’ll break down each challenge in the coming weeks. I’ll provide you with scriptural insight, you’ll see quotes from our readers—hear what leaders said about the challenge—in their own words, grab helpful tips for overcoming each challenge and additional resources you can look to for more insight. 

But for now, if you want to dig deeper, you’ll have to download the free eBook to learn more! Click here to download. 

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Ryan Sanders

Ryan Sanders is the Director of Outreach at Manhood Journey. Ryan is married to Tonia and they have two daughters and one son. He lives in Reston, Virginia, serves at McLean Bible Church in Washington, DC and is a diehard Redskins fan. 

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