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Free Ebook: The Top Five Challenges Facing Christian Leaders

Free Ebook: The Top Five Challenges Facing Christian Leaders

There are thousands of you in our community of biblical leaders. We sent out a survey and hundreds of you replied with enlightening responses, especially when asked for one key piece of information:

Describe the top leadership skill or trait you’d like to personally develop over the next 12 months.

What we ended up with was a list of the five most-pressing challenges Christian leaders deal with daily. Our next task was to search through our database of content for solutions to these issues. This report summarizes our findings and includes personal stories from respondents about how they dealt with these topics in their own lives.

If you lead a team, use these issues as discussion starters. Consider printing some of the pages for your next team meeting or take them to your next company or ministry retreat.

The top five challenges we cover in this eBook are:

1.    Leadership Development and Discipleship
2.    Vision, Mission, Strategy and Culture
3.    Practicing Servant Leadership
4.    Meetings and Team Building
5.    Communication, Conflict and Criticism

For each challenge, we examine:

  • Scriptural insights: The principles to help you with this challenge in your daily life.
  • On the front lines: What leaders are saying about the challenge. Hear from other leaders like you – and remember that you’re not the only one with this challenge.
  • Tips and strategies for overcoming the challenge.
  • Additional resources: links to additional posts to help you work through the challenge.

Sound good? Grab this free eBook now!

By Tom Harper and Ryan Sanders


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