Here is the oldest trick in the book

This one question changed everything.

Envisioning your workplace with grace

Do you long to work in an environment where empathy flows freely and insults are repaid with blessings?

7 practices for becoming an inspirational leader

The quality that separates a leader is the ability to inspire a shared sense of vision.

3 C’s for living your faith at work

How can I effectively and appropriately share my faith at work?

7 reminders about workplace leadership

Have you forgotten about the influence you have on those you work for and with?

Clarify your calling

Basic discipleship is our first calling. Now, our second calling is more specific. Here are four ways to find more clarity in your specific calling.

4 ways this extraordinary leader built his network

Consider these places Jesus focused on when finding new prospects.

What would you like to do?

In today’s culture, some would say they prefer to do nothing and get paid for it. However, God has a different perspective on work and how it intersects with our faith.

Help, I’m working for a narcissist!

So how is a follower to cope with such a boss?

Why an engineer cares about theology

Here’s how theology changes my perspective and influence in the workplace.

7 spiritual challenges for imperfect leaders

Perfection isn’t the requirement for those who wish to lead. Progress is.

Why this is the best business guide

With a plethora of leadership and business resources, it might be difficult to discern the best tools for your organization. However, don’t miss this one.

Putting the "we" in leadership

Who would have thought that what you learned in sixth-grade English class would turn out to be such an important leadership lesson?

Choosing to be different in the workplace

Would I compromise my convictions in order to be received into the group?

Understanding my narcissistic boss

If you have come to the conclusion that your boss is selfish, mean-spirited, lacking in basic social graces, and only interested in his own success, you are definitely not alone.

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