3 must-haves when dreaming big

Don’t forget these when you find yourself doing something great.

What is essential for true leadership?

There are many ideas about how to lead. However, this is the primary one.

What is your workplace mentality?

People tend to assimilate to the characteristics of those they spend the most time with.

Purpose and faith in the workplace

What does God think about our work?

How Jesus built a thriving culture

Creating a thriving company culture is essential. Why not look to an expert who built a culture that outlived him.

Warning signs no leader should ignore

Here are four warning signs every leader should address when they see them.

How do you respond when you're hated?

What happens when those in your circle of influence hate what you represent? Craig Groeschel, Founding and Senior Pastor of Life.Church shares how he responded to someone who hated pastors.

Do you desire to be rich?

Is the aspiration to be rich against biblical teaching?

An ethics quiz for business leaders

What do you do with these issues?

How to pray for your Christian colleagues

Here are four ways you can pray for fellow believers you work alongside.

4 insights to help you practice servant leadership

When we asked Christian leaders the top leadership skill they’d like to personally develop over the next 12 months, No. 3 on the list was servant leadership.

1 question you can ask to discern a potential employee’s values

During interviews, how do you get underneath the surface and discern what potential employees value?

Thinking "outside-the-box" in relationships

Whether in the office or at home, your relationships are ultimately impacted by how you understand God.

Biblical values that create raving fans

Every (smart) business wants to deliver “wow” experiences that not only satisfy customers and employees, but also turn them into raving fans.

Is your leadership more than words?

Great leaders have the courage to act!

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