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Do this, not that: Strategies for each of the 7 church sizes

Bob Whitesel

Do this, not that: Strategies for each of the 7 church sizesiStock

Did you ever feel that your leadership style worked best with certain church sizes? Well, research says your hunch is right. In fact, I asked my students in a graduate course on leadership to create a chart on "what to do and what not to do" to grow churches beyond certain size ranges.

The students had been reading dozens of books and articles on the topic for a couple months. I edited and added to their responses to ensure the most relevant insights remained.

Below is our chart: "Do This, Not That: Strategies for Each of the 7 Church Sizes."

Bob Whitesel (D.Min., Ph.D.) is a sought after speaker, church health consultant and award-winning writer of 14 books on missional leadership, church change and church growth. He holds two earned doctorates (D.Min. and Ph.D.) from Fuller Theological Seminary. His website is Learn More »

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