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Book review: Fervent — A Woman's Battle Plan to Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer

| by Kim Niles

After reading the first few pages, I knew this would be a life changing book. By the second page, Shirer's powerful message brought tears to my eyes. I could instantly tell this book was about to take me on a spiritual adventure.

This book is sure to deeply enrich your prayer life. If your prayer life is mediocre, stale, rushed, the "same old, same old," or burning out, this book is just the match and gasoline you need to reignite your prayer life to a roaring, brilliant bonfire.

Prayer can often be taken for granted. Yes, we know prayer is powerful, we understand God deeply cares, and we realize praying is effective, but this book reminded me just how incredibly privileged we are to have 24/7 access to petition and talk with THE King of Kings...and have the incredible blessing of tapping into the power of Heaven through honest, transparent, and genuine prayers.

Whether you are just beginning to learn about prayer, or you are a seasoned prayer warrior, this book is packed with tips for everyday prayers, all the way to effectual, strategic, purpose-filled, "tears-flooding-your-eyes" prayers. 

Shirer is a friend throughout the book, not just merely an author. I felt as though I had a caring prayer warrior walking right beside me who is also a great encourager. I loved how she provided the prayer cards at the back of the book that you can immediately remove and use, too.

I think we sometimes faultily believe we know most everything about prayer – after all, we continually pray and have prayed for years, but then a book like Shirer's teaches you so much more about the power of prayer. You're inspired to see just how incredible – and what a privilege and treasure – prayer truly is! You rediscover God at a deeper level, and you are beautifully reminded of God's genuine love, concern, and grace. After reading Fervent, it greatly motivated me to make adjustments to how I pray and to also make prayer a richer experience and an even greater priority in my life.

I appreciate when an author takes the time to provide specific scripture references and to also care about the entirety of a reader. Fervent does both and goes the extra mile to reveal places in one's heart that could possibly hinder prayer. 

It unapologetically dives head first, ocean deep by addressing issues that other books I've read on prayer seemed to stay in the safe side of the kiddie pool on. If you're going to invest your prized time in reading a book, you'll want to be challenged and have the ability to take away something you can apply to your life long-term.

As a person who has been praying awhile for several challenging situations, this book was exactly what I needed to breathe fresh encouragement, purpose, and life into my prayer and quiet time.

I wish Fervent wouldn't have been targeted only to women. This book could be – and should be – read by everyone. In fact, anyone who prays, and anyone who cares deeply about loved ones, should read it. I particularly think pastors (and church leaders) would gain a lot by reading Fervent, and it would help them not only in their family, personal, and daily life, but also in leading and encouraging their congregations. This would be an excellent book to read and then create a sermon series about prayer. 

Allow it to transform your life as it has mine. 

Kim Niles

Kim Niles is the author of Getting Your Breath Back After Life Knocks It Out of You and is the co-founder of Grief Bites. She is also a writer and partner for YouVersion, a Community Leader at her church, and an inspirational speaker.

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