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Book review: 6 week money challenge

| by Scott Couchenour

Steve Repak's book, 6 Week Money Challenge,is a thoughtful and organized method for getting a handle on your finances. I'm writing this review at the beginning of a brand new year. Resolutions are on the minds of many. Regardless of when you're reading this book, the principles Steve lays out can be applied at anytime.

The author begins with a biblical perspective followed by a quick, 10-question assessment. This is helpful to get the ball rolling with how much or little you need the book for your personal circumstances.

The thing I like most about the book is that the author builds a framework of a financial mindset before going into the practical aspects. He writes, "If you want to change the way you handle your finances, you will need to change the way you think about money and what you do with your money." This mindset is addressed each week through the use of thoughtful and insightful questions for the reader to consider.

Each week is arranged for the reader to read scripture, review questions related to that scripture, read quality commentary by the author on the topic being covered and cover a weekly "wrap-up." At the end of each week, the reader is encouraged with a set of financial principles and challenges to help drive the learning home.

The reader will process a wide range of financial areas over the course of the six weeks, such as spending, reducing debt, savings and investments, and financial documents like a will and power of attorney.

An appendix full of helpful resources completes the book. These resources cover services related to credit ratings, bank rates, how to clean up credit reports, and many other links.

For the average person who is tired of living paycheck to paycheck, struggling with credit card debt, small savings accounts, and no plans for the future, this book is a must. It looks like it's best read in the context of a small group where everyone in the group is in the same boat. But if the reader is going to read it alone, the author's suggestion is to engage an active accountability partner.

The author, Steve Repak is qualified on the topics covered in the book. He's a Certified Financial Planner, financial literacy speaker, and has helped many people turn their finances around with his financial literacy presentations and one-on-one coaching.

Scott Couchenour

Scott is Founder/CEO of Serving Strong Enterprises, an affordable coaching platform that helps church leaders conquer burnout as a lifestyle. He is a certified coach with a calling to maximize ministry leadership to widen kingdom impact

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