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5 ways to work prayerfully

| by Margaret Marcuson

Though it seems counterintuitive, work can be a prayerful practice. This requires responding not reacting. Then make decisions about what is important rather than being distracted by a shiny new Internet object. 

Prayer involves paying attention, to the Lord and his voice. It is harder than ever to pay attention to our work, in a spiritual way, but it is more important than ever. For ministers and other spiritual leaders, it is essential.

Here are some ways to experiment with the practice of prayerful work.

1. Set times for starting and stopping.

The Bible says, “Pray without ceasing,” but it doesn’t say “work without ceasing.” In fact, it says just the opposite. 

Ministry is unpredictable, but we don’t face a crisis every single day. For me, starting early and ending early has always worked, with a good break if I’ve got an evening meeting. Know your best rhythm.

2. Clarify what’s most important.

The last few months I’ve asked each day, “What’s the most important thing I need to do today? And what are the second and third most important items?” I wish I’d learned to do this a long time ago.

3. Set times for checking and responding to email.

Email as an interruption is counter to work as a spiritual practice.It’s allowing someone else to set your priorities, not God and your ministry purpose. 

I recommend you turn off automatic notifications. (True confession: I am least successful with this practice. I keep notifications off, but I check e-mail far too often.)

4. Take breaks.

Kirk Byron Jones, in Refill: Meditations for Leading with Wisdom, Peace and Joy suggests scheduling, in advance, 2-4 break times during the day. I’ve started to do this. I find when I take breaks I get less tired, I’m more creative, and I am less cranky with others. Breaks create some space around the work, which can bring more spaciousness to work itself.

5. Have fun.

Sometimes I will set aside the priority list and ask, “What would be fun to do next?” I always know right away. Not all work days are fun. It’s called work for a reason. But most days if you look for it, you can find some fun in the middle of it. 

Smile at one of the children in your church’s preschool. Turn on your favorite music while you fill out your expense report. Visit the parishioner who always makes you feel better.

How do you bring spiritual attention to your work?

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Margaret Marcuson

Rev. Margaret Marcuson helps ministers do their work without wearing out or burning out, through ministry coaching, presentations and online resources. Margaret is the author of Leaders Who Last: Sustaining Yourself and Your Ministry and MoneyandYour Ministry: Balance the Books While Keeping Your Balance. She served as a pastor for 15 years.

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Isaiah 48:17 (NLT)
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