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Free Ebook: 101 Tips for Pastors and Christian Leaders

Free Ebook: 101 Tips for Pastors and Christian LeadersPublished / Updated:

The editors of combed through hundreds of blog posts over five years to bring you these 101 axioms on leading people. Whether you’re a pastor, business executive, coach, ministry director, store manager, consultant or any kind of leader striving to apply biblical principles to your everyday work, this 11-page ebook offers practical ideas you can use right away.

Sections include:

  • Characteristics of a Leader
  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • Conflict
  • Vision
  • Prayer
  • Worship
  • Finances
  • Personnel

Here are some sample tips from the ebook:

#1  Take time to listen.  “A good leader takes time to listen to people, learn as many of their names as possible, and takes a keen interest in their everyday activities.” (From the post Characteristics of a Good Shepherd by Bob Russell.)

#31  Follow well.  “Excellent followership only has meaning in the context of being part of a group, so defining what it means to be a part of your group is crucial for opening the door to each person’s best contribution.” (From Is your church considering the quality of its followership? by Allen Hamlin.)

#44  Choose a worry place. “It should not be for relaxing but only for worrying. Spend the time stewing about your issues, fantasizing worst-case scenarios or trying to problem-solve. During the day when a worrisome thought pops into your mind, you should remind yourself that you can and will think about your worries later.” (From 7 surprising strategies for burnout by Jim Farrer.)

#54  Stop.  “When you feel anxiety rising, catch yourself before the emotion gets out of hand. Literally stop what you are doing to attend to yourself.” (From 3 thinking errors leaders often commit by Charles Stone.)

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