4 steps for helping people weather life’s storms

Here are steps to building a strong foundation for leadership and life.
  Rob Streetman

6 common problems with church bylaws

Some churches use bylaws well beyond their original intent.
  Thom Rainer

How to inspire poor performers to hold themselves accountable

If you don’t deal directly with sub-par performance you will not maximize the value that your organization provides.
  Mark Deterding

Adding creativity to your work culture

Here are four suggestions to release the energy of passionate, creative leaders, regardless of their age.
  Mike Bonem

The struggle of shepherding a team

There is a lot to learn about caring for lambs on a farm, but this technique taught me more about shepherding a team.
  Joel Westa

23 quotes to shape your leadership

These leaders will encourage you and inspire your growth.
  Jonathan Hayashi

Purpose and faith in the workplace

What does God think about our work?
  D Eric Schansberg

Modifying the church’s methods

Sometimes you have to stop doing good things to do the best things.
  Ed Stetzer

How Jesus built a thriving culture

Creating a thriving company culture is essential. Why not look to an expert who built a culture that outlived him.
  Ken Gosnell

10 tips for dealing with change

In today’s climate, we’re all figuring how to lead through change, especially at church.
  Margaret Marcuson

Warning signs no leader should ignore

Here are four warning signs every leader should address when they see them.
  Mike Mowery

5 insights to approaching innovation

Bobby Gruenewald, the Innovation Leader at Life.Church and the founder of the YouVersion Bible app, shares his thoughts on innovation.
  Joseph Lalonde

How to think differently about the emotional impact of ministry

Few vocations rival the emotional weight those in ministry carry. This is the result of being on the front line in a broken world.
  Roy Yanke

How do you respond when you're hated?

What happens when those in your circle of influence hate what you represent? Craig Groeschel, Founding and Senior Pastor of Life.Church shares how he responded to someone who hated pastors.

Is your church measuring up?

There are at least two reasons the Western church is struggling.
  Rob Streetman

Have we lost the vision for reaching our community?

We aren’t reaching people because, well, we aren’t trying to reach people.
  Thom Rainer

Church leadership insights from 9 experts

When it comes to important leadership factors and strategies, see what these experts have to say.
  Jim Farrer

5 principles for making your church a haven

Here are five principles to focus your church on reflecting God’s love and reaching those who are hurting and longing for security.
  Bob Whitesel

Book review: The Unstuck Church

Tony Morgan’s book, The Unstuck Church: Equipping Churches to Experience Sustained Health is a tremendous tool for ministry leaders.
  Brian Thorstad

Flip the script from consumerism to discipleship

How can we plant so many seeds of consumerism and expect the fruits of discipleship?
  D Eric Schansberg

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