15 questions to evaluate your biblical leadership health

We evaluate leadership all the time. However, when was the last time you evaluated your biblical leadership health?
January 15, 2018   Ralph Mayhew

The key to visionary leadership

Are you a visionary leader? I can envision the future.
January 15, 2018   Fred Noble

3 ways to strengthen leaders right now

As a new hire, I learned a lot about team building and how to engage and strengthen leaders. Implement these strategies to equip those on your team.
January 13, 2018   Bethany Macklin

Book review: Forward

Forward: 7 Distinguishing Marks for Future Leaders, by Ronnie W. Floyd, is a cheery sketch of a gifted pastor’s judgment about the future of pastoral leadership in the context of a rapidly culture and crusty tribalism within the church and without.
January 12, 2018   Bud Brown

Assumptions ministry leaders make about ownership

Does God offer stock options? What does ministry ownership look like from His perspective?
January 11, 2018   Brian Thorstad

How leaders can respond to trauma

What makes something traumatic? And why is trauma a big deal?
January 10, 2018   Dr. Boyd

Discovering purpose this year

Why on earth are you here? Has anyone ever asked you that question?
January 09, 2018   David Bowman

How to help your employees feel peaceful about change

As a leader, have you ever experienced a period of “no change?” I haven’t.
January 08, 2018   Mark Deterding

Do all people deserve to be loved?

Gene Appel challenges us to think outside of our perspective and instead with God’s, regarding the people we rub shoulders with every day.
January 07, 2018  

Faith when no one is looking

The Lord is looking for people of genuine faith—men and women who have a faith that is clear-to-the-bone and authentic.
January 06, 2018   Wayne Cordeiro

Learning to lead differently as you age

As we get older and the world changes around us, we must learn to lead differently and adapt our vision.
January 05, 2018   Ed Stetzer

Discipleship: Reversing the course

Jesus did not make disciples. Do I have your attention, yet?
January 04, 2018   Matthew Fretwell

Book review: I Once Was Lost

Delightful. That’s my one-word review of the book by Presbyterian pastor Don Everts and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship coordinator, Doug Schaupp (IVP Books).
January 03, 2018   Brian Thorstad

10 critical trends for churches in 2018

As we begin 2018, I have never seen local congregations at such a critical juncture. Amid the waves of these seas of negativity exist mercy drops of hope and possibilities.
January 02, 2018   Thom Rainer

A new year, a new leader?

True leaders leave the premises knowing they made lives better.
January 01, 2018   Richard Blackaby

Understanding God's role for a Millennial leader

Here are three attitudes of Millennial leaders about God’s role in their work.
December 31, 2017   Bob Whitesel

Book review: Trust Factor

How important is trust for your church or organization?
December 30, 2017   Mike Bonem

How's the discipleship business?

How does your church make disciples?
December 29, 2017   David Bowman

Your calendar is ruining your life

Am I missing what God wants for me in this season because I’ve scheduled Him out?
December 28, 2017   Jason Tucker

Why churches don’t value leadership development

Leadership development has become the buzzword in the last five years. It is a massive need in the church, we have to take it seriously.
December 27, 2017   Jonathan Hayashi

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